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Terms of Use

Why is the service free?

The service is free to use if our simple terms are fulfilled.
In the code that you insert on your homepage there is a link back to 99polls.com.
And because of this link some users on your homepage visits 99polls.com and hereby we get some traffic to our sponsors.
In this way we can pay our server and bandwidth bills every month, so the service can remain free to use.

Terms & Conditions

1. You are not allowed to modify the code. Don't remove our text ad as this is what keeps this service alive.
2. If the code is placed in some kind of frames on your page be sure the link to 99polls.com works. If 99polls.com is not 100% visible when the link is pushed your have violated our terms.
3. Remember to see if the link back to 99polls.com works.

If the above simple terms are not fulfilled we can't maintain a free service to our users.
So in the case that our automatic crawling system sees that you don't link back to use, some adds or popup could appear on your homepage. We will from time to time both automatically and manually check your homepage and see if your code is intact. And if this is not the case ads or popups could appear. Please contact us if you get some ads or popups from us and your code is intact. Then we will manually look at your homepage and stop the ads.

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