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Created Date: 06/13/2008 (509 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 01/28/2011 (372 weeks ago)
No. of Votes: 9
Status: Open
Tags: quotes
  "Because we're giving it up but we'll be just fine, We're gonna go go go to the next state line and we're living it up, leave it all behind and we'll say 'goodnight' to a closing skyline"
0 Votes (0%)
  Apex -- Located in North Carolina; home of the Cougars, the Cougar Crazies, & Bojangles. The high school hosts mostly rednecks,jocks, stoners, & hot cheerleaders but with some miscellaneous bmw/mercedes drivers because of its close border with Cary. The guys are mostly jerks with the ultimate goal of trying to sleep with every hot girl (with the exception of a few actually chill guys) and the girls know how to have fun and party hard. This is not to be TOO confused with freak. Also, it's the "Peak of Good Living."
5 Votes (56%)
  Dear Apex, As the city sleeps tonight you found us hiding out under parking garage lights and you know you'll find us here when we return…
1 Vote (11%)
  We are only here for one more night, so scream it like you mean it. One more time, we'll tear down the building. Come on come on, sing along whoa, come on come on, stay young.
3 Votes (33%)
Country Votes %  
US 8 88.89%
SA 1 11.11%
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