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Created Date: 06/14/2010 (404 weeks ago)
No. of Votes: 0
Status: Closed
Tags: tungsten_branding_agency, nominate_favorite_charity, free_branding_makeover, misssey, los_alamitos_youth_center_inc, lotus_outreach, center_for_career_and_educational_pursuits_inc
  MISSSEY - is one of a few organizations in this country that work with and on the behalf of commercially sexually exploited minors. Nola Brantley, the Executive Director, has almost single handedly changed policy in California and in particular Oakland so young girls/children are no longer treated as criminals but as the victims they are in the vicious world of street prostitution. On any given night, more than 200 plus young young girls, some as young as ten and eleven, will be forced to commit acts of prostitution, often without any protection, in each major city in this country. They have often been raped into quite numbed traumatized submission, their childhoods stolen from them. This is a difficult topic and not as easy as perhaps an organization seeking a medical cure but I assure you this is a disease of epidemic proportions and we are losing a tragic number of children. Some of these girls are taken and kept in an apartment for a day and repeatedly raped to break them, others are grabbed off the street and driven far from home, terrified and beaten. MISSSEY reaches out to the girls and gives them hope, creating ways to help them reclaim themselves and their lives. MISSSEY also actively works to affect legislation and policy. A powerful branding for this work will continue to help the organization attain the visibility it needs to expand their work.
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  Los Alamitos Youth Center, Inc. - is an award winning organization that serves children ages 3 to 18. The amount of lives touched each year is tremendous. The Youth Center has been a vital part of this community and helped a lot of families through difficult times by providing free after school programs and a learning center to encourage teens to pursue a higher education. Programs Every 15 Minutes and Safe Rides educate high school students on the consequences of drinking and driving. Saving so many lives and working so hard, the Youth Center deserves a brand makeover. It would be a blessing not just for the organization but to the thousand children and families the Youth Center serves.
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  Lotus Outreach - is an organization dedicated to ensuring the education, health and safety of vulnerable women and children in the developing world. Funded in 1993, Lotus Outreach is a small yet effective agile charitable organization with a broad range of initiatives in Asia. Today we provide education and rehabilitative services to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We provide healthcare and income-generative opportunities to isolated and impoverished communities. We ensure community food security and support sustainable agriculture. We advocate for access to quality education for the rural poor. We also provide non-formal education and skills training to those on the margins of their societies. And we provide safe, clean sources of water to those who don’t have them.
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  Center for Career and Educational Pursuits, Inc. - is a new start-up nonprofit that will work with students and their families to achieve their career and educational goals. Center for Career and Educational Pursuits helps students apply for college, find financial aid and scholarships, research majors, minors, careers, understand and take part in experiential educational opportunities.
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