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Is Bob Potchen of The Cell Inc using 99polls to try to improve his bad reputation on the search engines?

Created Date: 08/05/2010 (393 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 02/27/2013 (260 weeks ago)
No. of Votes: 6
Status: Open
Tags: bob, robert, potchen, thecell, the, cell, inc, premelters, pti, raving, egotistical, lunatic, scumbag, asshole, thief, crook, conman, fraud, fail, failed, failure, china, alice, liu
  No, Bob Potchen does not care if the public at large finds out that he is a crook. Suckers are born every day so victims are plentiful.
1 Vote (17%)
  Yes, Bob Potchen must try to confuse the issue so he can add more victims to his customer list.
5 Votes (83%)
Country Votes %  
US 6 100%
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