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WHO is your favorite House of the Muses character?

Created By: the_tenth_muse
Created Date: 01/24/2009 (322 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 01/20/2010 (271 weeks ago)
No. of Votes: 13
Status: Open
Tags: comics, graphic, novels, house, of, the, muses, pam, harrison, prism, comics, drunk, duck
7 Votes (54%)
3 Votes (23%)
1 Vote (8%)
0 Votes (0%)
0 Votes (0%)
0 Votes (0%)
1 Vote (8%)
1 Vote (8%)
Country Votes %  
US 8 61.54%
CA 3 23.08%
AU 1 7.69%
DE 1 7.69%


03/16/2009 (315 weeks ago)
Dear Poll, I voted for Dika .The story is told through her eyes, ears, and thoughts.Dika is also the most dynamic character who takes the reader on a whirl wind journey of ancient Greece. Part of the attraction of HOM is Pam who interacts with the reader very often giving us a better understanding of the life and times of Sappho along with light banter making the reading so much more enjoyable Tommym
01/25/2009 (322 weeks ago)
I voted for Dika, however; only because she is the graphic extension of the Author. The Author's interaction with the audience, acting as a narrator, moderator, and historian who loves imparting her knowledge of her subject to those who wish to learn set this head and shoulders above most others here. The authors who do share with their reading audience have a much more devoted following that those who merely write, draw and post.
01/25/2009 (322 weeks ago)
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