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Do ‘Nice’ Girls Wear Thigh-High Boots?

Created By: katriona
Created Date: 02/06/2009 (328 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 05/18/2015 (6 days ago)
No. of Votes: 676
Status: Open
Tags: do, nice, girls, wear, thigh, high, boots
  Yes – They’re acceptable if you tone the rest of the outfit down.
600 Votes (89%)
  No – They’re just too sleazy, no matter what else you wear.
15 Votes (2%)
  Yes – As long as they haven’t got a stiletto heel.
46 Votes (7%)
  No – Never ever if you’ve got short or heavy legs.
15 Votes (2%)
Country Votes %  
US 305 45.32%
GB 168 24.96%
CA 39 5.79%
AU 23 3.42%
DE 15 2.23%
IE 12 1.78%
BE 10 1.49%


03/01/2012 (168 weeks ago)
I am a man who just adores those boots, love to see any women in them as they are such a huge turn on!! Ozeboy! ;-)
thighbootman peter
02/10/2012 (171 weeks ago)
ive got three pairs of thigh boots one a pair of pleaser delight 3010 crotch high boots with a 6" heel my second is a pair of pleaser seduce 4026 black and red leather lace up boots and my third and last pair is a full leather chap thigh boots
tammi sue
11/23/2011 (182 weeks ago)
I wear thgh highs when I ride my harley sporster,along with my black leather jeans and jacket guys love my look
11/15/2011 (183 weeks ago)
love my boots classy feel sexy
09/16/2011 (192 weeks ago)
LOL sorry leather skirts.... and pants, coats, gloves, corsets.... well you get the idea.....
09/16/2011 (192 weeks ago)
Anybody who wants to talk about leather and boots ....email me... especially Women!Thigh high boots... knee high boots... leather shirts.... MMmmm damn so hot!!! iwillbslave4u at Yhoo .... com.... got it.... cool!
08/19/2011 (196 weeks ago)
Slaves need to obey and pleasure their MISTRESS R U READY TO WORSHIP MY LEATHER CLAD BODY?
08/02/2011 (198 weeks ago)
LEATHER LINZIE i WANT YOU!Yhooo iwillbslave4u YES!
06/20/2011 (204 weeks ago)
First I encase my body in a skintight black leather catsuit and shoulder length black leather gloves then my slave eases my leather encased legs into thigh high black leather boots with 6 inch stiletto heels laces them up smooths the creases then and only then will I allow him to suck my rock hard 9 inch cock till I COME AHH!!!
06/20/2011 (204 weeks ago)
05/23/2011 (208 weeks ago)
I love my black leather thighboots with a black leather micro mini skirt and bustier shoulder lenghth leather gloves black of course my hair colour (red) matches my temprement firery and domimant flawless make up scarlet lips under my skirt butter soft leather open crotch panties with a 9 inch rock hard cock want to fuck anyone?
04/25/2011 (212 weeks ago)
My wife wears thigh high all the time! she looks so sexy and lets me lick her boots for her
02/19/2011 (222 weeks ago)
My wife loves to wear thigh-length black leather boots with a 4inch heel. She enjoys ordering me to kneel down in front of her and polish her boots, while she relaxes in an armchair, sipping a cocktail and smoking a long, slim panatella cigar. She says she feels elegant, sexy and powerful. And I'm not complaining!
01/13/2011 (227 weeks ago)
I love thighboots with my leather mini skirt and bustier
05/31/2010 (259 weeks ago)
Wear them with lace top stockings & a basque It can be quite a good look for a girl too
04/04/2010 (268 weeks ago)
When my wears her thigh boots with her leather mini-dress out to dinner I know I'm in for a night of wild kinky sex because she knows it drives me and all the other men nuts
12/04/2009 (285 weeks ago)
Hubby bought me a pair of black leather thigh highs. Even though fashion magazines say they are the "must have" Fall item, I was a little worried about wearing them. Sure glad that I did! Choose to wear them with my skinny blue jeans and white blouse to dinner and a night club. Sure glad I did! Husband couldn't keep his eyes off me! Equally important, I got compliments from other ladies in the bathroom and dance floor. Each telling me how much they loved my boots! Who would have guessed? YES! Nice girls do wear thigh highs.
11/06/2009 (289 weeks ago)
thigh high boots are sooo sexy and feminine! I enjoy wearing them quite often and I do wear them for work! I like over Blue or Black jeans, Leggings and occasional miniskirt with dress tops. I own 16 pairs and mostly in bLacks, browns, white and red pair from flats to 4 inches to a pair I sue when I want to impress my hubby thats about 6 inces of heel and with about 2 inch plat sole in patent leather!; ) Just use commone sense when wearing them with right outfits and especially in dresses as looks nice and like normal boots! xoxo
11/06/2009 (289 weeks ago)
i own 61 oairs of boots of which 48 are otk/thigh/crotch highs with a few flat heled and highest is 6 inch heels with 2 in platform and i always make sure i wear them over jeans, leggings, miniskirt/skorts and midlengtyh dresses with nice tops and sweaters and it works for me : )!i dont like 5 inch heels as too high unless sole is platform and even then only with a dress or over jeans.
10/28/2009 (290 weeks ago)
Yes! Be aware that some boots can make the women look too sexy and her boyfriend may become more obsessed with her boots than with her and may develop a fetish for her boots.
10/27/2009 (290 weeks ago)
Hhahai have a pair id thigh high flat boots and i got loads of compliments on them..I wore them to school with straight legged jeans tucked in and there flat thigh high boots brown its rare to find themm..i wore a white tank with a white blouse over soo i felt very sexy and confident....Love Love Love and there swade:]
10/04/2009 (294 weeks ago)
Love them! No other footwear looks as well on a gal. The only people who could object would be jealous prudes. and yes, nice girls do wear them, (either over jeans or teamed with a minidress/miniskirt) I've known quite a few.
08/28/2009 (299 weeks ago)
My husband bought me a pair last year. I was a little nervous about wearing them outside the house, but I feel very sexy in them. You just have to be selective about where you wear them.
07/29/2009 (303 weeks ago)
My wife wears thigh boots with 3" heel. We both love the power it gives her. A short black mini skirt completes the look.
06/29/2009 (307 weeks ago)
love thigh high boots specially when my girlfriend wears it. @ Mrandmrsboots..... I'm from the Philippines too I would like to ask you for some advice about thigh high boots, please text me at 09174069677.
04/24/2009 (317 weeks ago)
My wife and I both have leather thigh boots....she has 5 pairs and I have 3.....she had not worn boots before she met me and was a little nervous when she first wore them out. We live in the Philippines so thigh boots are very very rare. After she wore them out the first time, she was amazed at the attention she received from both men and women. The men would look at her with admiring glances...she has had women come up to her and compliment her on her boots and ask her where she got them. She pairs them with leather shorts, leather skirts and regular shorts. We both have the shiny PVC boots with 6-7" heels but these are only worn in the bedroom!! We recently bought some hand made leather thigh boots from Italy and they fit like a second skin and go all the way up to the top of the thigh. The transformation in my wife is amazing.....she wears them with confidence because she knows she looks classy and not cheap. Bottom line....it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it!!! You will always get one or two small minded people who laugh and smirk but just remember they are probably envious because they don't have the confidence to wear such classy boots!!!
04/23/2009 (317 weeks ago)
Why should anyone else care? If you like 'em, wear 'em.
04/22/2009 (317 weeks ago)
Tone the rest of the outfit down? That assumes that it was tacky to begin with! Thigh boots are fine with a mini- or micro-skirt, depending on circumstances (or with a leotard - but obviously not as workwear!). IMO they are wasted worn over jeans, but that's just MO.
04/13/2009 (318 weeks ago)
i wear flat over knee boots almost everyday!
03/28/2009 (321 weeks ago)
I own black thigh highs with a 5 inch heel. I usually wear them over a pair of blue jeans. No big deal!
03/14/2009 (323 weeks ago)
me and my wife have thighboots and she is a really nice girl(in front of my mum)but slide those leather thighhighs on with her little leather dress and the nice girl turns into a total sex machine!! heaven!!
03/12/2009 (323 weeks ago)
Thigh highs are fine! High heeled stiletto thigh highs are better. What can I say? There is a time and a place for everything..I just think there should be more times and places for thigh highs :-) Why is it every time a good looking lady decides to show herself off in a sexy outfit someone has to decide she is a slut?!!
03/11/2009 (323 weeks ago)
So what is Katriona going to do. Is she going to wear her thighboots 'toned down' or is she going to be a sexy babe in a matching leather skirt showing of her tits underneath a see through top?
03/08/2009 (324 weeks ago)
I voted yes, they're acceptable if the rest of the outfit is toned down. What does toned down mean? That's one's view of what is toned down...as is what is a nice girl definition...The original question of "do nice girls wear thigh-high boots" should be an option in the choices of answers as do girls wear thigh-high boots...My personal experiences are, yes they do wear them...in a variety of outfits that are alluring, attractive, sexy, simple, sophisticated, and tasteful...as evidence, there are many photo's depicting celebrities, models, and everyday women wearing thigh-high boots wonderfully...
03/07/2009 (324 weeks ago)
I agree, wear them with a leather mini skirt - perhaps with a mesh top as well?
03/07/2009 (324 weeks ago)
Linda, you and I have the same tastes I think. I'm one of the few guys who prefers the flat-boots look on ladies as opposed to the heel. My favorite part of the boot is the ankle because it develops more creases. Flats have more ankle-creases than heeled boots
03/06/2009 (324 weeks ago)
My girlfriend loves them wears year she wears them all year round
03/05/2009 (324 weeks ago)
Yes! I think they are called Cougars. Older woman are just more secure and comfortable wearing sexy outfits. As mentioned above, wear them with a mini dress and you will look fantastic!
03/05/2009 (324 weeks ago)
I have one pair of black high leather boots with a 3" heel and I where them for shopping. I had them one's to office and I fold my boots down to over my knee. I got a lot of compliments and poeple told me I was very elegant. Make me feel very special.
03/05/2009 (324 weeks ago)
yea, forget about toning down..there should be another box to check that says "don't tone down"
03/04/2009 (324 weeks ago)
Wear them with a leather mini dress and you will look fantastic. Forget about this idea of 'toning down'.
03/04/2009 (324 weeks ago)
I have 3 pairs of leather thighboots, heels from flats to 3 inches. Under a long skirt they look just like other dressy boots, and over jeans they look rather classic. What does look tacky are the shiny vinyl thighboots with 5" heels. My favorites look like English riding boots that kept on going up the thigh. They are classy, comfy and I've even gone wading in them over my knees. Very sexy feeling!
03/04/2009 (324 weeks ago)
Thigh highs look great on a lady!x
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