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Vote For Best Anime Series Ever

Created By: lalit.tanwar07
Created Date: 05/09/2008 (345 weeks ago)
Last Voted: 12/01/2014 (2 weeks ago)
No. of Votes: 1500
Status: Open
Tags: best, anime, series, ever, dbz, yyh, naruto, bleach
  Dragonball Z
318 Votes (21%)
488 Votes (33%)
  Yu Yu Hakusho
54 Votes (4%)
  One Piece
174 Votes (12%)
  To Love Ru
17 Votes (1%)
200 Votes (13%)
  Avatar:the last Airbender
48 Votes (3%)
  Death Note
150 Votes (10%)
  Samurai X
51 Votes (3%)
Country Votes %  
US 460 31.94%
CA 92 6.39%
DE 83 5.76%
GB 69 4.79%
GR 66 4.58%
PH 51 3.54%
PT 33 2.29%


04/06/2012 (141 weeks ago)
03/06/2012 (145 weeks ago)
naruto rocks and dbz sucks
02/11/2012 (149 weeks ago)
eureka 7 is definitely one of the best of all-time.
01/28/2012 (151 weeks ago)
ok dragon ball 1st naruto 2nd and death note 3rd bleach should'nt even be in the list
01/24/2012 (151 weeks ago)
i love bleach a lot, its amazing but seriously dragon ball Z is definitely the greatest anime, bleach in second
12/28/2011 (155 weeks ago)
I want to vote for bleach i would watch it forever and i wish it never stopssssssss
12/28/2011 (155 weeks ago)
Hey! I vote for Bleach! It is the best everr!
12/24/2011 (156 weeks ago)
Hey, i want to vote Air Gear. It is the best!
12/05/2011 (158 weeks ago)
FairyTail is the Beast
10/21/2011 (165 weeks ago)
death noteeeeeeeeeeeeeee
10/13/2011 (166 weeks ago)
Bleach is 1st One Piece 2n Naruto 3rd
10/04/2011 (167 weeks ago)
OMG. One Peice is DEFINITELY the best. r u kidding me?! its not just crazy, its funny as well. but High School Of The Dead is FREAKEN awesome!!!!!
1piece rocks
08/24/2011 (173 weeks ago)
1.one piece(best story ever) 2.naruto 3.bleach
08/23/2011 (173 weeks ago)
i vote for NARUTO OFC!
just naruto
08/22/2011 (173 weeks ago)
08/16/2011 (174 weeks ago)
just naruto ,i love naruto
06/20/2011 (182 weeks ago)
naruto then one piece than bleach . for anime wallpapers plz visit my site animewallpaperss.webs.com
06/11/2011 (184 weeks ago)
hav u gone crazy???????/ INUYASHA IS THE BEST ANIME EVER!!!!!!! 100% VOTES!!!
05/06/2011 (189 weeks ago)
The top 4 are definetly one peice,dragon ball z,narutoand bleach,but naruto is more realistic,has better story line by telling you everything thats happened,relates to life(there really were ninja)and has better and even more video games.My vote is for naruto not dissing bleach,dragonball z,and one peice,couldnt live without em.
04/24/2011 (191 weeks ago)
Who was the mother fucker who made this list? Where the fuck are inuyasha,fairytale,and full metal alchemist brotherhood? And it is pretty obvious that dragon ball z is the best among those. This list is fucked up!! I'm going to shoot somebody for this.
03/16/2011 (196 weeks ago)
this is dumb where is code geass by far the best anime up there next to death note and inuyasha
03/11/2011 (197 weeks ago)
03/11/2011 (197 weeks ago)
pissed off
02/05/2011 (202 weeks ago)
WHY THE FUCKIN SHIT NUGGETS IS FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST NOT ON THIS LIST!?!??! SERIOUSLY! You can't have a poll for the best anime ever without FMA!!!!
01/23/2011 (203 weeks ago)
naruto is the best...
12/21/2010 (208 weeks ago)
Should have include fairy tail...it's the best so far in terms of best anime for now...its one of the best with great soundtrack...naruto fillers are nonsence and they should really up the paced to the real storyline...One Piece is on par with naruto...imma fan of DB but they should kill it of long ago...For now its definately Fairy tail...it has every aspect of top anime like naruto,one piece so far...
11/24/2010 (212 weeks ago)
I have only seen One Piece, but I fking know that that is the one anime for me. Please go watch it. First episodes are a bit slow, but ITS SO WORTH IT when you get past 300 episodes. Funny as hell too.
11/09/2010 (214 weeks ago)
i hate naruto and i don't like watching it if i were go to vote for another anime i'd go for katekyo hitman reborn or K.H.R. for short it's weird at the start but gets more serious and people think this guy is h** it's hibari or tsuna in dying will mode with a flame on his head.
11/05/2010 (215 weeks ago)
hey put fma brotherhood
11/05/2010 (215 weeks ago)
avatar for kids under 11, come on. grew up. it doesnt even has a plot. Naruto is good, and also one piece, but i stick with fullmetal alchemsit brotherhood. ( the best 3), p.s: you might also want to follow the law of ueki, rave, honey and clover,busou renkin, theyre awsome =p)
10/08/2010 (219 weeks ago)
dragonball z is better than the best(and that is right).
10/05/2010 (219 weeks ago)
Okay, dragon ball z is by far the best and to all of those out that think its not, here are the reasons. first of all it ran for 291 episodes, you have to give it credit for that. they also have at least 13 movies, I mean come on. oh and guess what, they re-released it in japan for its 20th anniversary cutting most of the filler out. that came to the states in may of 2010. Japan loved the show so much that they had to bring it back. that show got high ratings not just in japan but the whole world. they have an amazing amount of video games out and they continue to make more. if everyone hated it then why is it back, why hasnt it stopped. all you people out there dont look at the statistics, who cares if you dont like it. Deal with it.
09/25/2010 (221 weeks ago)
where on earth is Code Geass: R1 and R2?!
Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood FTW
07/01/2010 (233 weeks ago)
Okay. This is just not even worth my words. This list is complete crap. I mean, Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z are the most overated anime out there. They are shitty on top of that too. Many good anime are not watched by many as they are not mainstream. Ex: Chobits, Saikano, Romeo x Juliet
06/07/2010 (236 weeks ago)
Where is ''The Mysterious Cities of Gol'' in this list?
05/23/2010 (238 weeks ago)
for me one piece is the best it never fails me every episode is so enjoyable an i won't get tired of it.. naruto kinda became shit.. its just about naruto finding that freakin' emo boy named sasuke and becoming hokage.. i kinda grew tired of watching bleah (it knda started being crappy) DBZ is great but i was too young to watch it..
04/15/2010 (244 weeks ago)
I don't watch too much anime, started with Bleach, then it got crappy, then started Naruto, it too got slow and kinda crappy. Then I started One Piece, which IMO trumps both Naroto and Bleach in almost all aspects. Highly suggest it to anyone who hasn't watched it. I can't speak for other anime as I haven't watched anything else...
04/10/2010 (245 weeks ago)
I love you naruto baby!You are the best!
04/10/2010 (245 weeks ago)
Love naruto baby! You are the best!
03/19/2010 (248 weeks ago)
naruto is terrible,, i used to b into it wen i was a kid but now wne i watch it, everything in it seems immature. The story is random and the emotional scenes they put into it arent even sad(im tired of hearing naruto cry he was alone all his life -__-), they dotn develope the characters that well(+sakura is retarded), they get too lazy with the animation(the tree hopping conversations and colorful bright swirling backgrounds during sum fight scenes) if i were going to choose a show off this list it would b avatar,, book 1 is lame,, but avatar continues to get better towards the end of book 3,,and it has GREAT characters ^__^ decent fight scenes,,it can b random at times(nothing compared to naruto though) but i tend to overlook it by being pulled in by the struggles of the characters. On a side note im surprised inu yasha isnt on ther,,,
02/05/2010 (254 weeks ago)
avatar isnt anime. anime comes from japan. avatar is Nickelodeon
02/05/2010 (254 weeks ago)
awful list. shows like dbz, naruto, and bleach should never be on a list of "Best Anime" dbz was crap. loved it when i was 10. but its crap. kids dont mind crap with tons of filler episodes. hell half of these shows is filler episodes and wasted time.
Rurouni Kenshin
02/03/2010 (254 weeks ago)
my guess is that more than 1/2 of you have not seen more or less heard of Samurai X.... you are all on crack....DBZ got shit started or at least moving forward but have to say Samurai X is like cake and icecream got to have it nough said
Rurouni Kenshin
02/03/2010 (254 weeks ago)
my guess is that more than 1/2 of you have not seen more or less heard of Samurai X.... you are all on crack....DBZ got shit started or at least moving forward but have to say Samurai X is like cake and icecream got to have it nough said
bryan huff
02/01/2010 (254 weeks ago)
dragonballz,bleach,naruto,inuyasha,and yu yu hakusho are my top five favorite anims of all time i didn't write bleach sucks or naruto it was my best friend because he doesn't like bleach or naruto. but i love those animes
01/25/2010 (255 weeks ago)
HEY! ISN,T ANYONE ELSE GOING TO VOTE FOR ONE PIECE?! I admit it has a funny name, but it's creative, funny, the fight scenes are awesome, and it's got arguably the best background story of any anime series. Plus, It's got over 400 episodes and it's still going. I know no-one wants to start a knew series that long, but watch at least a couple of amvs before making a decisions
bryan huff
01/15/2010 (257 weeks ago)
dragonballz is the the best show eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever made. here some other shows i love melchony of haruhi suzumiya, cowboy bebop, inuyasha, sailor moon, gundam wing, dragonball death note, yu yu hakasho, and ranma 1/2. naruto and bleach sucks its and gay. who ever likes them can suck a dick and shove it up your ass.
01/15/2010 (257 weeks ago)
death note is the best of the lot their are no crapy fillers and it has a fantastic ending great story telling
12/29/2009 (259 weeks ago)
WTF is all I have to say.. W...T....F you make a poll for people to vote for the best anime series ever yet most of those anime are crap? W..T...F this poll is completely stupid and all anyone is going to vote for anyway is that homosexual show Naruto.. missing anime that can easily be the best anime ever, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!, FLCL, Eureka Seven, how about all those other anime? And you want to hear why Bleach and Naruto don't deserve to be on the top list? They're just stupid over commercialized anime that are almost entirely fillers I mean seriously Jesus Christ they go on forever and they have mabye a couple good episodes.. but they have so many damn fillers to make like 3 different series.. mabye even more. BESIDES, the series are really average series and they HAVE been done before.. and it's all repetitive bullshit! Also about One Piece.. sure it is pretty well made (much better than Naruto and Bleach) but to be one of the best anime? Not happening...
12/23/2009 (260 weeks ago)
1- Naruto 2- Dragon Ball/ Z/ GT 3- Death Note 4- Bleach My opinion!
Sasuke Uzumaki
12/15/2009 (261 weeks ago)
Naruto is the best Anime, beside fighting it show a lot of chemistry between Naruto and Sasuke and thats the best part of it and make naruto the best Anime
11/15/2009 (265 weeks ago)
hey people once I loved naruto but since episode of naruto shipuden 185 they start to draw silly carracters and I dont love it...Its so stuped so I wote for dbz because they allways draw better abd better......thanks
11/07/2009 (267 weeks ago)
Peoples are complaning about Naruto. I cant see why I mean naruto is a great anime. Has a great story line and I think its very important with a main character that has a goal like Naruto to become hokage. Also the characters are cool and its humor in it too. My favorite would be Rock Lee becuse how funny he is. It also shows flashbacks for the most of characters which makes it funnier to watch all the characters. //sorry for my bad spelling.
11/03/2009 (267 weeks ago)
naruto is great . and its non-sense calling it overrated .people like it.you must respect other's likeness bc its not doing any damage to u .i also like dbz,bleach, one piece, air gear, and many other . anime are simplly the best
11/03/2009 (267 weeks ago)
wow naruto is soooooooo gayyy DRAGON BALL Z best anime vegeta and goku nuff said
10/09/2009 (271 weeks ago)
Dbz is the best, Naruto is a far overrated anime
Rurouni Kenshin
09/20/2009 (273 weeks ago)
Rurouni Kenshin would undoubtedly be my number 1 for the beatiful and deep story line (if you keep the fillers out...), but naruto, bleach, death note, full metal alchemist, vampire knight, ouran high school host club and fruit basket are nice series too :D.
09/18/2009 (274 weeks ago)
FLCL, Elfen Lied, Shooting Star, Soul Eater, Gantz(well before they made a alternate ending) alot more anime could have been added. Gundam seed blah blah watch real anime not mainstream stuff. Avatar is not a anime it's good but not a anime.
09/04/2009 (276 weeks ago)
dbz roxz...besides its a lot older than naruto
08/28/2009 (277 weeks ago)
hunter x hunter best anime
07/22/2009 (282 weeks ago)
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07/21/2009 (282 weeks ago)
you children need to relearn anime..... what about harlock or the Leijiverse.... what about Guyver, what about flcl, ranma, what about orguss or macross?... you kids dont know what real anime is
07/14/2009 (283 weeks ago)
naurto is overrated in my opinion, maybe its cause all ive seen is the cartoon network version and never read the manga, but then again bleach and dbz that all ive seen to and they're way better. Not saying naurto is bad, just not as good. so someone got to explain what so great, cause it was getting really good up to the point where the village head got killed, then non stop fillers. regardless my votes for bleach cause thats a better overall show with better storylines, characters, theme and flow.
07/10/2009 (284 weeks ago)
i dont think naurto even deserves to be on the list, i go by a vote of the top 100 anime in history, the site is in japanese but i translated it using google translater, naturo wan't on the list. Mobile Suit Gundam seams to be the best, and it has a lot, its a collection of spin-off, side storys, oavs, movies and sequal seires that give you about 5 diffrent timelines and in a sense, 5 diffrent shows all centered around the same thing. Mobile Suit Gundam (the orginal 1979's show) has sold the 2ed most episodes in the whole world, Gundam Seed Destiny came 3ed, Gundam Seed came 4th and Zeta Gundam came 5th, i dont know what #1 was but i know it wan't naurto, proble some timeless classic retro anime. But i think having #2,3,4 and 5 is way better than #1, and Gundam Wing (that anime that singlhandledly made anime popluar in the US of A) and ZZ Gundam (Double Zeta) came in the #19 and #20. The only gundam that didn't make the top 50 was Gundam X and that was because it aired at 3 AM when their was no DVR's or anything so no one was up to watch it. Sorry, im a huge gundam nerd. Also, what about Code Geass, that was also Orgasmic! (made by the same makers of Gundam)
06/29/2009 (285 weeks ago)
my personal favorite is YYH. The only other anime i think can even compare to it is DBZ. Naruto is alright but there are WAY too many fillers and that is what i hate about some anime. Bleach is even worse because it is so long and dragged out. The best thing about and anime show is the ending but what is the point in watching it if it never ends???
06/22/2009 (286 weeks ago)
lol.. many anime r missin in the list... but the best shld be Death note... nect is samurai X and then naruto...
06/21/2009 (286 weeks ago)
naruto is so #1
06/12/2009 (288 weeks ago)
Yu Yu Hakusho is better than Bleach, Naruto and one piece. The only reason that the other series are more popular is because they are current but Bleach steals a lot from YYH and Naruto has too many fillers and Naruto himself is really annoying. YYH has a lot of emotion and great fight scenes during the Dark Tournament/Chapter Black era. Even Inuyasha stole from YYH, of course many series took a lot from DBZ. I think it really depends on the era. Still can't sorry Naruto as number 1.
06/08/2009 (288 weeks ago)
if it was possible to vote for 2 anime then i would have voted naruto and bleach. though its not possible thats why i voted bleach. ( but some of its episodes really sucks )
05/27/2009 (290 weeks ago)
bleach sucks Naruto is the bestthere is T T -
05/26/2009 (290 weeks ago)
One piece and Naruto are difinetly the best ever and don't forget Death note i realy enjoyed watching them
04/07/2009 (297 weeks ago)
it is definitely YU YU HAKUSHO..
03/24/2009 (299 weeks ago)
as for me i really love dragonball. it's already a legend for having so many season and episodes. another one id detective conan. it was aired since 1997
03/21/2009 (300 weeks ago)
I think Avatar:the last Airbender should be counted as an anime because it has all the qualities like artistic principles to make it one . It should be counted in the vote because I would SOOO vote for it. I LOVE YOU, AANG!
03/12/2009 (301 weeks ago)
i dont agree no one mentioned rounin kenshin............ how sad
02/17/2009 (304 weeks ago)
i Vote Bleach(: x
02/13/2009 (305 weeks ago)
i hate all of these! they should have better ones up like... Ranma 1/2 DearS Inuyasha And many other GOOD series!Not BAD ones like up there!
02/05/2009 (306 weeks ago)
DeathNote is a class anime ! even bleach , naruto , HSDK , Full Metal Alchemist are gr8 animes ! but the strange thing is no 1 mentioned DeathNote !
01/22/2009 (308 weeks ago)
Yu Yu Hakusho by far is the best
01/02/2009 (311 weeks ago)
common people, the best is DBZ
12/21/2008 (312 weeks ago)
lots of good anime are missing from this top...but the best two all time are here...Naruto and DragonballZ
Le Draieggone
12/20/2008 (313 weeks ago)
whats to love ru never even heard of it
Le Draieggone
12/20/2008 (313 weeks ago)
yeah and i forgot hungry heart,detective school Q and salm dunk sorry for the error in typing naruto my keyboard is kinda loose
Le Draieggone
12/20/2008 (313 weeks ago)
this vote sucks where is rurouni kenshin,inu yasha,full metal alchemist,death note,flame of recca huh? rurouni kenshin is the best anime series ever! trust and betrayal is the best OVA ever narruto would be the next best i guess
12/14/2008 (313 weeks ago)
Naruto is the best
12/07/2008 (315 weeks ago)
yeah! where is Air Gear? Or Fullmetal Alchemist for that matter! P.S. I voted for Yu Yu Hakusho -w-
awesome person
12/04/2008 (315 weeks ago)
inuyasha naruto bleach and one pience best ever
11/28/2008 (316 weeks ago)
Avatar the last airbender? this is the worst poll ever duo to the lack of choises.. i'm from norway so exuse me for misspelling anything..
11/20/2008 (317 weeks ago)
inuyasha is the best
10/06/2008 (323 weeks ago)
Go Bleach! But the poll sucks.
worst poll ever
09/01/2008 (328 weeks ago)
Hellsing, Elfen Leid, Ruroni Kenshin, Full metal alchemist and FLCL is the best.
08/28/2008 (329 weeks ago)
Hmm... where are the real "best" series? Where is Neon Genesis Evangelion or Ghost in the Shell?... or many others? X-men Evolution? Justice League? Batman? Spiderman? Superman?... You must be confused... Those are "animated" series, not anime.
07/30/2008 (333 weeks ago)
I voted for Bleach.
07/30/2008 (333 weeks ago)
LMAO BAtman is not an anime and neither is spiderman or suerman or xmen anything and for dragon ball z to get the most votes is a disgrace to society
07/16/2008 (335 weeks ago)
where is air gear i want to vote for it
05/24/2008 (343 weeks ago)
Hey are you craz
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