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What are you doing to help the people of Haiti? (OPEN)
01/20/2010 (421 weeks ago)
4 votes
Tags: haiti, donations
Do you want donations opened? (OPEN)
06/28/2009 (450 weeks ago)
0 votes
Tags: happo
Will the recession affect how much you give in donations? (OPEN)
05/20/2009 (456 weeks ago)
0 votes
Tags: donation, starlight, charity, recession, money
Should betting commission be replaced by donation to charity (OPEN)
04/19/2009 (460 weeks ago)
1 votes
Tags: betting, gambling, gaming, wagers, bookmakers, betting, shops, online, betting, casino, winning, stakes, charity, donations, giving, kind, help, support, aid, percentage, horses, greyhounds, football, soccer, cricket, tennis, rugby, boxing, formula1, golf, toluna, morals, religion, betting, commission, betting, tax
Will the name change affect the amount you donate to the University? (OPEN)
03/29/2009 (463 weeks ago)
828 votes
Tags: donations, to, tamuk, or, taiuk
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