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I am Indian by heart and tradition. I am born to Indian parents, My father is Ex Indian Air Force Officer, I was born in Military Hospital, Shillong. I am 13 yrs old and have PR card of Canada. I went to India to learn about my roots and culture and took admission in Unison Worl School and they ended up considering my a FOREIGN STUDENT and charged us so much that I had to come back in six months. I am an Indian, even legally, and I have no doubt about it but what do you say??? (OPEN)
04/27/2010 (403 weeks ago)
2 votes
Tags: unson, world, school
¿Cual de estos paises te gustaría visitar ? (OPEN)
04/08/2010 (406 weeks ago)
17 votes
Tags: paises
Who do you think is the most attractive actress in India? (OPEN)
04/08/2010 (406 weeks ago)
119 votes
Tags: attractive, actress, indian, actress, poll, hot, indian, actress
Should Sania be allowed to represent India (OPEN)
04/02/2010 (407 weeks ago)
1 votes
Tags: sania
Why people in India still get dowry to get married? (OPEN)
03/17/2010 (409 weeks ago)
67 votes
Tags: societyrelatedblogs, whypeopleinindiastillgetdowrytogetmarried, indiansocietyrelatedpoll, femalediscriminationrelatedpoll, dowryrelatedpoll
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