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What was the last message from the dolphins? (OPEN)
08/10/2010 (393 weeks ago)
1 votes
Tags: test, dontpanic
What would you like to see on MobilesGenesis? (OPEN)
07/28/2010 (395 weeks ago)
15 votes
Tags: mobile, phone, message, call, phone, mobile, play, games, applications, apps, talking, internet, selling
Friends and classmates (batch 1996- PNU) let's have an election when will our gathering be. I know you all love to come to mingle and to share your stories to everyone. So let's decide when this gathering be: May 29 or May 30... The election will end on May 26, 2010 Wednesday.So pass this message to all our colleagues so they inform kung kelan ang HAPPINING GO! GO! GO! After you cast your vote, inform your name to miss joy t..... see you soon..... (OPEN)
05/21/2010 (405 weeks ago)
3 votes
Tags: reunion, pnu
What do you guys wanna do next meeting? (OPEN)
05/15/2010 (406 weeks ago)
4 votes
Tags: otaku, fans, techno, dance, anime, ddr
What should happen about Guild/Union? (CLOSED)
04/22/2010 (409 weeks ago)
19 votes
Tags: aege, hof
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